Tweaking with themes.

You probably wouldn’t think a WP theme means a whole lot to a blind person. All the graphics, fonts, formats and all that stuff. The visual elements really don’t mean anything, but the way the site is structured means a lot.
That being said I probably had unrealistic expectations when looking for themes. I wanted something like the old Blogger simple template that I used to use back in like 2012 or so. No, I didn’t find that, as of yet. I did find a couple plain themes. Let me know if they’re too plain.
The one I’m using now kind of makes it look like an RSS feed on the page. As in a list of posts with titles and links. I kind of like that, because I like RSS, and I like the way feeds, and efficiently-designed feed readers, work like that.
The other one I installed made my screen reader render some things a bit crazy, but I think it was just the screen reader not liking it. However, it displayed full text posts on the page. I like the full text posts. I guess I’m just a traditionalist! That’s the understatement of the century.
OK, this random post on themes was because first, I didn’t like the one I was using. Second I’d like to get back to updating this blog regularly. No, I don’t know how regularly yet. I tried to do the daily thing last month, and failed badly.

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