31 Blogging lessons 2.

Unfortunately I managed to get a bit of a cold yesterday. I was going to come back and catch up but I felt like crap. I’ll try to catch up over the ensuing days/weeks.
Today I want to talk about just throwing words at the page. As in throwing them out, and not really paying attention to the length of your post. A lot of advice says that the post has to be over 1000 words, but I don’t think I’ve ever written a post that long. Actually I think I did once on my personal blog, it was one of those long treatise-like posts. Otherwise I really don’t pay attention to the length.
Of course, WP does have a word count feature built-in, and sometimes it’s cool to navigate down there and see how many words I’ve written. I suppose that unless you have a goal to hit a certain word count every time, that’s a necessary feature. When you just want to blog for fun, it isn’t all that necessary.
There are sometimes where I’m like hmm I really don’t know what to post about today, but it’s been a while and I probably should. I’ll just start typing and before I know it I have a post. This kind of free writing does work, if you’re really stuck for ideas.

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