B is for Blogathon, and blog hops.

OK so I had a third thing but it seemed a bit redundant so I left it out. I’m going to start by explaining what Blogathon was.
Blogathon was a 24 hour event that allowed participants to blog for a charity of their choice. The first Blogathon took place in 2000, although it was just one person seeing if she could get through posting every 15 minutes for 24 hours. The first one for charity was a year later, in 2001. I took part in seven Blogathons, (both officially and unofficially.) here’s an archive link to the page as it was in July 2006. The official Blogathon is no more as of now, the last one took place in 2009.
OK now to explain Blog hops, which are often called “linkups.” is an example of a Blog hop. It’s something that bloggers participate in by signing up with their blog link. It could be a challenge, like April A to Z, or something like Wednesday Hodgepodge. These things used to be called “memes,” before that term was taken over by often ridiculous image macros, that is. I enjoy participating in Blog hops, not only that, but they’re often a helpful and fun way to discover other bloggers.

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